Monday, June 06, 2005
a school-less day spent in school

its not the first anyway. haha. studied with cyn and ling and later geri, in school today. did amaths integration. doesnt really seem like i completed a lot but at least its better than nothing. gonna do somemore tonight and tmr morning before shopping. oh yes! hahah. the test wasnt that hard but a lot of careless mistakes here and there. oh well. the hocker/trackey is back from china alr. silly girl.

things that happened recently
-i got another earhole
-i went to sentosa and got a tan (and i think i'm gonna peel. my skin feels weird. haha)
-i screwed up mep prac and i think i have to play at a masterclass (which i dont want to)
-uhh i dunno what else

heh. i need to practice my instruments more! and study! and i think i'm not being very good with my time. darn. back to work (:

at 8:29 PM, she let go.