Friday, May 06, 2005
my throat is itchy

i think i ate too much ritter sport choc yesterday. heh. now my throat really hurts. bleah. napfa today was good (: the best in my life. and tomorrow i probably cant laugh cos my tummy will ache cos i did situps today. oh well. really feel bad for my classmates. like they all practiced 5 items on wed and they came to school still hurting today and they have to do the actual today. i didnt have to cos i ran on wed and didnt really do anything else except standing broad jump and sit and reach which dont really hurt.

from next week onwards, sec 4s can leave cca at 5.30 but im not going to. i love my cca too much. hahah. and whats more we have nice pieces to practice for jubilate II. exciting (: i shall study tomorrow. gotta go make a card and write a letter now.

at 7:36 PM, she let go.