Friday, April 22, 2005
one more week!

oh. now the school's got gold for all pa groups. thanks la. but congrats to everyone who's in the syf groups, you all did a great job (:

next week's gonna be a stressful week. i dont like this at all. but i think its a good chance for me to really learn to be so trusting and dependent on God to work His ways cos i really dunno how im gonna survive, but somehow, i will.

today was a funny day. found out that mrs yeo stays so near me! and mrs khong too. this is scary. haha. and mrs yeo sashayed in class today. she's gonna wear her wedding gown on monday so that we can take nice pictures of her (that's what she siad, really!) hahah. cos everytime we try to take a photo of her, she says that we never inform her and she doesnt have the chance to dress up and look nice. monday it shall be.

mr chan made us play really soft and expressionless for the pieces to make us work on intonation and timing. then we played with the articulation and all and it sounded so much nicer. half way through dvorak, when he cued us in for trio, he lost his balance on the mep room wooden step and was trying so hard not to fall so his arms were flying everywhere and that really drove us nuts la. hahah. was such a sight! and then he was telling us about this conductor long time ago, who got so engrossed when conducting sso that he stepped off the podium and hit the floor, but one hand was grabbing the conductor's stand and the other still waving the baton. super funny la! and the whole orch was bobbing as they continued to play cos they were stifling their laughter. ahhas. couldnt play cos we were all laughing so hard till our sides ached.

took a cab back with anqing. and i stink bad. haha. i need a bath pronto.

at 7:35 PM, she let go.