Saturday, April 30, 2005

yeah! sports day is over (: red got third but i'm happy any how. debbie uploaded our syf recording online here. dvorak's really good. and listening to it reminded me where i totally screwed up. but the piece on a whole was good. respighi was too fast! like really really too fast la. and i heard fig 15. crap man. rahh!

went for pizza hut after sports day. not alot of the comm went but nvm. was quite funny just listening to annabel and adelene crapping away. haha. they're crazy la. had some set meal with cherie and annabel and adelene. was quite full after that. and sleepy too. think last year's comm was the best man. we ate pizza hut and laughed more than we ate. was so crappy. adelene came after school to support us as well (: haha. mrs yeo danced the family dance with us. so farnie la. haha. and she wore a kimono too during the cheer routine. yup. i owe alot of people alot of big hugs and thank yous. i need to get presents.

at 10:32 AM, she let go.