Thursday, May 12, 2005
wouldnt it be nice if the world was cadbury (:

i like the adverts! and the song's quite amusing. haha.

yesterday was kampong day. haha. traditional games for pe again. and we had to spin the silly top and we played chapteh after that. it was super hilarious. i laughed till my sides ached. me jiaxin xinyi and melissa played the group chapteh. either me or melissa will start the chapteh. and then we'll kick it to the person opposite us. which for me is her and for her is me. and then one of us will kick it to xinyi who will miss the chapteh and it'll drop on the floor. and we kept doing that unconsciously and we irritated jiaxin and she suddenly shouted "eh can you all stop doing that triangle thing!" and that sent us into fits of laughter. and then melissa was hitting the paper ball like a volleyball like some ac girl with one of her legs kicking back up into the air. so retarded la. hahah.

mep test today was so hard! it was last year's o level paper. i think i got a bit too complacent yesterday so i didnt prepare for it properly. oh well. its over now so. heh. learnt a lesson. yup.

was doing qt yesterday and was reading revelations. the description of the new jerusalem is so cool la. i cant wait to go to heaven and just spend eternity with God (: ooh lala. hahah. and i think God told me something really impt. yup.

okay i think i should go take a bath, do my qt and start my physics revision before i start feeling sleepy again.

oh yeah! mrs yeo has a cool new catchphrase: "check it out!" hahahs. so amusing.

at 8:23 PM, she let go.