Tuesday, May 31, 2005
nice pooh stickers (:

havent blogged for quite a while.

went out with xin, mel and lala yesterday. and later ling. we had subway for lunch. it was my first time. hahah. but it was nice. and very filling. wanted to watch madagascar but the 3.45 show was sold out and the 5.30 show was too late cos i had piano. but nvm had fun walking around cine and heeren. and i bought a pair of earrings with mel and lala (for when she pierces her ears) and the free one for xin's sister. haha. got a packet of nice cute baby pooh stickers. nice nice (: i feel like piercing another hole. but that can wait. haha.

thanks for the gifts and wishes and cards people (: i dont feel older. that's good isnt it? hahah.

at 9:44 PM, she let go.