Thursday, April 21, 2005
oh brothers!

brothers can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. rahh.

i just asked my bro for some like suggestions on what i could include in the march past reading. then when he was talking to me, i was chatting with my friends and i didnt hear what he said. i asked him to repeat and he says that he wont repeat it cos if i didnt want to hear it, then why ask? then im like okay la.

like five minutes later he says he's angry with me cos when i asked him for something, i was not ready to listen. and that it was one of his best advices ever. then i told him, well if you think its the best advice and you dont want me to hear it then fine. go away.

so irritating.

i'm really trying very hard not to fail hcl this term but its not really working. i failed the test which i felt i studied so hard for. i could have passed if the teachers allowed one mark for two mark qns.

only one more week to the end of it all. quickly!

at 9:24 PM, she let go.