Thursday, May 19, 2005
prata outing!

first prata outing of the year! hahas. was supposed to be a hayeeeatoii outing but only me, xin, lou, mel and gen went/could go. oh wells. we still had loads of fun anyway (:

the weather was so nice to sleep in during class time again. but i didnt fall asleep tho i was really tired and kept resting my head on the table. hahah. after school studied with geri, lou and mel till joel came then we practiced for mep then i went for prata with oeeei (including me). actually i thought i had alot of things to blog about but i realised that actually i dont have much to say. haha. i had one plain prata and shared a chicken murtabak with xin. walked back in the drizzle. and now im sleepy. how to study chinese?

oh surprise surprise (tomorrow!)

at 9:32 PM, she let go.