Wednesday, April 27, 2005

strings got gold for syf. as jana says, "was waiting for that HONOURS to appear out of that stupid emcee's mouth. ohwells. we worked so bloody hard for it. and we have come much furthur than all the other string orch's. " i guess we could say that but i still feel down. mr chan said fig 15 wasnt together. and if that was the only thing that pulled us down im gonna tear my hair out. i know i played some note in dvorak out of tune too. think many of the sec 3s and 4s were really upset, including me. was happy for that moment but after we came out we were super sad. practically the whole viola/vln 3 section was crying la.

gold with honours: nanyang, dunman high, ri
gold: SN! , mgs, rgs, hci, acs(i),
silver: tkgs, nanchiau
bronze: dunman

anyhow, i just wanna say that im super duper proud of strings '05 who are in syf cos i think that everyone has really put in a whole lot of hard work and everyone deserves a pat on the back. haha. yup. <3 you guys loads okay!

one down, one more to go!

at 7:53 PM, she let go.