Friday, April 15, 2005

oh no, pressure of getting gold for syf is getting bigger. band got gold, dance got gold (chinese and modern), choir got gold. ld's still waiting for results and co and so have yet to go for syf. so scary! had another prep talk today, made it seem as if syf is next week or something... stress!

cyn's birthday party tmr (: gen baked her a cake today. its so nice okay. i thought she bought it till she told me she baked it. so chocolatey and yummy (: i love it. haha.

think cca today was rather productive and good, think we played quite well (:

come on so! we can do it okay? and we can go celebrate after we bring back that gold (with honours if possible)

2 more weeks and everything, i mean EVERYTHING, will be over. in 2 weeks at this time, i'll be with the comm eating pizza hut. hahah (:

at 8:26 PM, she let go.