Sunday, April 10, 2005
sun-kissed (orange)

sentosa was great (: thot that there wasnt gonna be much sun and there wasnt for the whole morning. our cg only ended up with four pathetic people for the morning outing. me, amy, rah and zech. and sarah woke up late. haha, was quite funny. wonder what time she'll wake up if i didnt call her. sort of tanned and had fun talking to amy and rah. think zech felt quite left out but he was like stoning most of the time.

when me and rah were waiting to use the toilet beside 7-11 (single cubicle) there was this ah pek, okay maybe not ah pek, some mid 40s guy in green sitting on the bench directly outside the entrance of 7-11. and he kept staring at us. and me and sarah were like "eh, digusting pervert, keeps looking at us, can he just go away?" so sick la. and we sort of looked at him but he just continued staring la. wanted to slap him. had sakae sushi for lunch and it was fun. the sun came out when we went in to eat, thanks la. gloria joined us later. at palawan beach there was another group of people in orange shirts so it was quite misleading. heh.

think the reflection time and cg time was good. the game was weird. ended so abruptly. was like the earliest to leave i think cos my dad wanted me home for dinner. so i left ard 6.30. yeah. only ate dinner at like 8.30. and then slacked ard and slept. hahah. woke up for first service this morning. thot that i could come back early and start on some work. ended up waiting for sarah to go for lunch up the hill cos she had to go to rindu at 1. and then came back down, went to tp popular to get stuff. reached home at the time i would if i went for second. so crappy. ahha.

saw something really really cool on my way out to the bus stop. at the park, there are like all these big trees with really small pink flowers, alot of flowers. and over night these flowers dropped. but they never touched the ground. there were many big spider webs that i never saw there. and these flowers got caught by the webs and were hanging by a strand of web, all at different lengths. it was so cool la. it was as if time had frozen in the midst of their 'descent' to the ground. really really nice. on my way home, most of the webs had given way and the flowers had either dropped or many strands of web stuck together. guess i'll never get to see that again unless im really lucky. God's creations are cool (:

now im sleepy. how to do work!? think tonight i'll be burning the midnight oil again. heh. it is such a hot day!

at 2:12 PM, she let go.