Sunday, April 17, 2005

oh ho. im super lethargic now. i have no idea why. and i suddenly feel the need to get my act together. feel that i've been slacking way too much, esp since my chinese is not doing very well. crap man.

went to church at around 11.20 yesterday. studied for about an hour with sarah and eugene and then we went up the hill to eat. came back down for worship. felt weird singing alone but i guess its alright. couldnt really hear myself tho. haha. anyway, was planning to leave after the message but when i walked out the sky looked quite threatening and i decided to stay and get daddy to fetch me later instead. thank God i did. like ten minutes later it was pouring like crazy. so yeah, i reached around 6.40.

linna and marilyn came to pick me and lala from the bus stop and they kept complaining cos they got mozzie bites. then i was quite scared cos i thot i'd get even more than them but ended up with nothing (: hahahs. yeah it was wild. super fun. and we took stupid photos and did silly stuff. haha. sprinkled a whole lot of glitter on cynthia after the birthday song and we all became glittery. but i guess she got it the worst. glittered daddy's carseat when i got into the car. heh. slept at 11.45 after doing some hw. i left my amaths book in school and realised i have hw to do. oh well.

think today's sermon was good, kinda think it's a lil similar to yesterday's, which was good too. was sniffing throughout cos i slept in aircon last night and ended up sitting under the aircon today which made it worse. bahh. ate chicken rice for lunch. queued super long for it and i dont think its anything great but the queue gets really long. and i realised that its cos the guys chops his chicken really slowly and just holds up the whole queue. waited almost half an hour i think? yeah.

ended up eating like 1 and 1/3 packets cos we didnt know if jie was eating and she wasnt so daddy didnt want to leave anything and we shared the packet. i have a feeling that i got the most cos i was taking my time to eat my own packet and then he and russ took what they wanted first so like everything else was left to me. was so stuffed after that. and sleepy. haha. slept for 2 hours plus. shall go eat dinner.

at 6:48 PM, she let go.