Friday, April 08, 2005
joke of the year!

HAHAHA! i found out something interesting today after cca (: ** *** is getting married! well that's what my juniors say la but i think its quite true. haha. was so amused when they told me that. cca was funny too. mr chan was trying to sit on the stool in a weird position and we were all laughing we couldnt play when he wanted to start. haha. then he was saying that he should get a new stool. and jana said, "do you notice that your chair is always lower when u come for cca?" i wonder why... hahahs. super retarded.

God works miracles (: He's healed me! i feel so much better and more energised today as compared to yesterday. cant wait for tmr. going to sentosa. oh, fun fun (: oh yeah. there'll be audits for some people next tues. quite worried for my juniors. hope that they'll really make use of the weekends to practice hard cos there's only a certain extent to which me and tessa can help them.

at 6:54 PM, she let go.