Thursday, April 07, 2005

oh joy its one of those im-having-a-stuffy-nose-and-i-think-im-sick kind of days. rahh. been constantly blowing my nose and sneezing and sniffing non stop. thank God it stopped when i went with xinlei and angie to lead the pri cheer. but it came back after that. i feel like skipping school tmr and just go for cca. i need a break. and i mean a real break. what kind of a life is this la. and i keep getting bitten by mozzies. so itchy.

i feel like cutting my hair. but that would mean more clips which i dont really like. thank God i didnt get scolded for wearing pe today. wanted to go and run with lala in the morning but she came late so in the end we didnt run. i should take a bath and sleep now.

at 4:45 PM, she let go.