Sunday, March 27, 2005
He's risen!

yay! it's easter sunday, Jesus lives! hahahs.

managed to get xinying and trix to come down on friday. and fel and weilin came really late on sat. hahahs. but nvm. just pray that the message and all really made them think about some stuff. okay, im like stoning and dunno what to write alr. haha. hopefully i can collect my cello by today cos it'll be hard to get it tmr. yup.


eh what is this. stupid blogger. it just deleted my edit bit. rahh! nvm. i shall type again.

daddy got me my sports shoes today. yay! hahas. its light and nice. my bro saw adrian pang and his wife in the shoe shop we were at. then he was trying to tell me that adrain pang was there and i couldnt really hear what he was murmuring, only heard like "that man over there" and "pang (which i heard as punk)". then cos he was backfacing us i didnt know and just ignored my brother. then when we walked out of the shop my dad was like " i didnt know adrian pang was so dark with such spiky hair." i was so confused cos that was such a random topic. and then my dad was like "just now in the shop lorh." then i realised. hahahs. was super retarded.

just woke up from my nap like half an hour ago. found out that i cant collect my cello today. boo. i want it back now! i miss it loads :( hopefully i'll collect it by tues so wed i can hear what it sounds like at SCH (singapore conference hall, not school). yeah. okay that's all. oh yeah, excited about heats tmr. heh. (: check this out

spaghetti for you? (:

at 10:41 AM, she let go.