Wednesday, September 01, 2004
sniff sniff

its officially teacher's day today (: happy teacher's day to all teachers!

daddy, being a good responsible daddy, forgot that it was teacher's day and woke me and my brother up. then i was like whining 'no school today...' and he was like 'oh! ok sorry sorry...' oops lah. ahaha. went back to sleep till 9. nice sleep but me eyes hurt and im sniffing non-stop. grr. ate noodles for breakfast and practiced piano. bro's friends coming over later i think. the weather is so hot!

just came back from aural munching on some pastry now.was so tired and still am so tired... turned out only one of russell's friends came over. he's huge! and both were making so much noise playing ps 2 in the living room. aural was quite alright. but ms chew didnt test the period part which i think would be the one that might pull me down. nvm i'll ask her on mon. oh yeah. i had aural with jia kai. found out her mysterious identity.ahahah. she's from white badge that's why i dunno her. was flipping through the yearbook in the morning mah. gna sleep early again tonight. study amaths too. dunno if im going to rah's house.

at 11:47 AM, she let go.