Friday, September 03, 2004
last day of term 3

wow! in the blink of an eye the term is already over, and soon the year will be over. time really flies these 2 years... crazy.

anyway. sorry lah. amaths test, the questions not a bit the same can? like the only difference was the numbers. so stupid. make everyone panic. grr. ah wells. just makes us more confident to do better (: ahaha. packed my bag to the brim with textbooks and hand carried like 5 other textbooks?! and i thot tmr would have cca so no problem, but eh no lah. dont have! was so tired after carrying my heavy bag, my 5 textbooks in hand and my cello from the lowest level in school to father barre. not far at all! im sure. thanks to joy who helped me get a drink.

think cca today was quite good. sorta like got the mian structure of the fourth movement of resphigi. its really really nice! then after that when mr chan had enough of our lousy unpracticed playing he switched back to dvorak and suddenly like everyone couldnt play properly. i got like the first 2 lines out... hahas. and we played so slowly. but oh well.

met my pianist during recess to go through the piece roughly. she can play! even sight reading is so good... pro-ded. haha. and i saw ms chew's student, the very pro gd 7 guy in my sch having music at o level lessons! haha. didnt know he had it here. anyway cos i was outside waiting for my dad and then he walked out with his friends and he saw me and we just stared... so stupid lah. then he walked away. haha. my left ankle's gone. and my left wrist too. oh no!

oh yeah forgot to add. our class bought 2 cakes today for the august and sept babies. zhang lao shi was so nice to give up her periods to let us eat.. haha. or rather, she didnt want to teach. anyway. the cakes were so good! both had like whisky in them but from different shops. the one from hans was tiramisu and the cream was delicious!!! its addictive i tell u. if not for linna dragging me to the toilet to get our hands washed i would have just sat there and ate. oops. ahaha. the other one from sweet secrets was quite nice but not as nice as the hans one... hees. yumyumyum. and some certain person got stomach flu couldnt resist it and ate and still said 'heck! i dont care anymore about stomach flu!' few minutes later she was like 'oh no.. i feel like puking.' but thank God she didnt and was ok for the rest of the day. haha.


at 7:23 PM, she let go.