Thursday, September 02, 2004
amaths tmr

yay! no school today.. but a horrible way to end the term. with an amaths test right after p.e. tmr. oh well. went down to esplanade lib to study amaths with sarah. quite ok lah. i wont say im really confident but i dont really care (as usual). sometimes we shouldnt let these non-eternal results make us stressed and over busy... hahas. pdl is really good (: thank God.

sorta went window shopping. quite fun. hahas. so tired. i need sleep. and aircon! humid weather. been practising quite a lot these few days. hope all the rubbish does good. yawn... oh yeah. knocked my hip on the handrail of an escalator at esplanade while coming down. nearly went flying... ouch. hahs.

at 8:46 PM, she let go.