Tuesday, August 31, 2004
teacher's day!

today's the eve of teacher's day (: did aces workout which turned out to be the line dance. sheesh.

prefects item: it was a total flop. totally screwed lah. every one of us was quite upset after that. tho its not our fault but some of us feel that we sorta spoiled the performance. yeah. will try to apply what i read in pdl yesterday. look forward to the future, forget the past cos you cant change it. focus on what God has planned ahead for u (:

geri got stomach flu and puked so many times after recess. GET WELL SOON DEAR (: please pray for her! cello lesson was ok i guess. she made me play bach which i didnt practice at all and she said it was very good... muahaha. scary. i was supposed to go and photocopy the piano accmpt for my habanera. so she was planning to go toilet till she saw heather, zixin and jieying then she turned to walk back. then i was discussing with zixin about her present. 4 of us standing there talking. so suspicious u know. so suspicious.. haha. then i went to photocopy. yes. haha. but i did ok. yeah. went opp sch to get a big sunflower for her (: yes. and me and zixin were waiting outside the room for jiang and mel to finish their lesson. and stupid zixin made me walk backwards to hide the flower. and when she got the flower and the card (yes we made her a so called card) she seemed hilariously happy. hahas. ok. yeah.

went to taka after that. had lunch at yoshinoya cos orange bowl was out of stock! so sad. ok. went to the studio the practice. the piano is nice bright and loud (: yay! but its hard to play. hope i'll get used to it by the next practice... yup. got aural tmr...

at 7:55 PM, she let go.