Wednesday, August 25, 2004
chi test tmr!

hello hello.

got back physics today. and i got a whopping 31/40!!! hahas. didnt expect to get so high can. really thank God cos it'll pull up my grade. i think. anyway. recess was taken by comm phototaking. no life eat burger. which is still bread so yeah. did chem prac with hanny. and let me introduce my permanent lab partner to you. his name is boonsak papaya. or in short. b.p. ((((: he holds my test tubes. haha.

really stuffed myself for lunch. feel like such a pig today. eat so much. ate like crispy noodles, 2 seaweed chicken, fish and a drink... crazy lah. oh well. got back mep paper and realised i wasted 4 marks. how nice. grr. got SO MUCH HW to do over the hols. i really dunno how im gonna cope. having to practice for my exam too. crap. hmm. pray that i'll learn to be more dependant on God for His provision of sufficient time. yup. audition on sat too. so scared. ahh. and teacher's day's coming. got quite some things to do. and pmb farewell. and ss test and amaths test. oh no oh no!!! -pulls hair. better go study chi now.

oh yeah. i forgot to add. the swim shadys are coming to sngs this friday. then when mrs kuek was making the announcement during assembly, she read out the names of the band members. then when she read mark chay, some lower sec girls screamed lah. so smart. the whole sch was laughing at them lorh. hahas. then lulu chew even better. "i shall go to watch them on friday and ask them for any australian swimmer's contact, or even better, ian thorpe's number" hahahs. so cute.

at 6:53 PM, she let go.