Saturday, August 28, 2004
new syf piece

this line is dedicated to samantha neo who has nicely helped me get the signatures of the swim shadys ((: THANK YOO SAMNEOO!!

yes ok. back here. got a lift from jie again. saw the new piece. it didnt seem modern at all. but it is super nice i tell u! a bit hard to play tho. i need to practice. its so nice!!! whee. muaha. did teacher's day item with manda, melody and sara. God really rocks k. i told Him yest that i was very very unsure of whether we should change our item cos of the time limit we have. and He seems to have shown us that we are able to do it (: cos we didnt really spend very long on it and we still managed to complete what we had in mind. thank God ((: yup. studied one chpt of ss till joy and zixin finished watching their black adder.

had lunch with zixin. it was funny. saw becky studying with her ex-classmates. then headed of to church. think today's message was really inspiring (: cg time led by dave cos yewya didnt come. then we had fellowship time. it'll be in bible quizzes for the next few weeks i think? haha. i want to be the next buzzer. yay! waited for dad. dinner was nice... im starting to love eating pumpkin. its nice. haha. random.

ok. tomorrow will be quite very packed. will be travelling alot. got daddy's company thing in the morning. then going back home. then church. then lunch. then send russ to sch for his performance. then go back. and most likely i'll have group playing tho im not really keen. hope there's not enough space on the list. i'd rather go for the next one. yup. and i need to do hw and study! btw i've alr got the purpose driven life book. gonna start reading later... yup.

at 7:47 PM, she let go.