Friday, August 27, 2004
cute guys cute guys!

muaha! gary tan and mark chay are so cute! oops not obvious at all lah. haha

hmm. physics was expt in the lab. quite fun lah. marbles rolling down a ramp. ahaha. pe was tiring. as in the warm up round cos me and han ran 4 rounds before assembly. yeah. but soft ball's fun (: played round robin and COWS won (: haha. maths was circles and quite confusing but figured out most stuff in the end. recess me, sara, trish, dom, zoerraine and amanda went to staff room to try and take some pics but we failed cos they all went for meeting! so back to class. did some maths. ate some biscuits. chi got back paper. 41/50. quite good i guess. yup.

mrs tan was so nice. let our whole class off ten mintues early from hist. we were so kiasu can. haha. everyone went to buy food and our whole class just plonked in the middle of the fam lounge. when mark chay made his 'grand' entrance everyone was like screaming their heads off. haha. they're quite good. yeah. everyone was taking photos throughout.

but sadly it was anticlimax after that. cos i had to rush down for s.o. announcements which werent made in the end. and mr chan says first stand of each section dont need to audition! whee! God is so good (((: yeah. then rushed up to hall to do teacher's day stuffs. were quite very screwed for our item but we can do it with God on our side! im sure (: wanted to go take photos and like hang around fam lounge but couldnt. stayed doing teacher's day stuff till 7.30. and the school is scary at night i tell u! so freaky! eeks. anyway.


at 8:49 PM, she let go.