Monday, August 30, 2004
sore arm

slept so well last night i didnt want to wake up. watched the rhythmic gym finals last night. the russians are so good! pro-ded. makes me wanna stretch more. haha.

really didnt bother about ss till ss lesson when ms low didnt come so we did self study. was curling ribbons all day for xin's flowers. so fun (: hahas. addicted. during physics, mr tay tried to keep the class quite and he clapped his hands. which reminded us of imran and i was like at the back clapping and laughing. think i was quite mean tho most of us were laughing cos after that he came to my table and he was like 'what's so funny?' then i just kept looking down till he walked away.. oops. felt quite bad after that. yeah. ss test was sourced based so not that bad. geri hor never come for the whole day. right after ss test she walked in and 'hello!' stupid girl. she went to see doc. and went for massage also. not funny lah. kena sunburned from the netball fest like the rest of the netballers. crazy. they played from 7am -6pm can? so hot!

pmb farewell was quite alright. thot some people would get emotional or something but it was alright. gave presents and exchanged hugs and blah blah. then went to prac the item again. left at 5.50 for piano. was quite alright.

i hate the weather. so freaking hot!
warning: potential quitter... hahas

at 8:25 PM, she let go.