Saturday, July 24, 2004
chilli crab rox my world!!!

woots! hahas. just had homecooked chilli crab. but nothing beats 'no signboard seafood restaurant's chilli crab! the one there is the nicest and bestest ((: but anyway. it was nice. went for yf just now. the speaker was really good. he looked familiar from the side but then after he stood up i was like. ok i dont remember. haha. yeah. really feel like doing something. me and sarah are in the midst of planning. yup.  for the school and of course the glory of God (: yewya didnt come today so shukun led and he sort of prompted me and sarah to start. we will see God work in His ways! quite excited... haha. going to watch a late night movie with di later. ella enchanted.. so fun (: i know im a deprived teen.. first late night movie. hahas. turned out they didnt announce the results yesterday so we have to wait till friday. hope they dont delay the announcing next week cos i've got a mtg after that. yeah.

at 8:09 PM, she let go.