Tuesday, July 27, 2004
making cotton candy's fun (:

making cotton candy's fun ((: haha... but very messy. but funn! lols
today was a rather nice day. excluding cello lesson. yup. lessons before recess were ok.. could have gotten a higher grade for chinese. by one mark! and i had so many careless mistakes.. oh well. had early recess. then went down with sarah to the mep room so i could prac cello and she could do the composition. yup. after recess was chem. we did practical today. supposed to bring our own test-tubes but she didnt tell us! so she let us use the school's for free. it was so funny! did group work with marilyn and gen. supposed to come up with an experiment to find the most concentrated acid using magnesium ribbon. yeah. then plan was to dissovle 3 small pieces.. but marilyn happily said: "lets put 10 in so that gen can have fun cutting the magnesium" yeah. and we didnt think that it would make much difference. so i put in mine first. then like 3+ minutes later, marilyn and gen did their's. and i ended up waiting for almost 10 minutes for my magnesium to dissolve! and their's took like less than a minute and almost 2 mintues respectively! and i was like what?! then gen still said. lets repeat the experiment and find the average time.. i ran far away!!!! haha. so she went to take more magnesium. then she just chucked the ribbon into the acid and let it dissolve. and because there was not much time left. all 3 of us just put like so much magnesium into our own beakers? then gen's beaker was so hot and fizzing like crazy can... mrs ang came over and she was like staring at us and 3 of us were like rofl.... ahhahas. she borrowed cynthia's phone and went around taking pictures of the stupid things we were doing so she took a picture of gen's saturated acid still fizzing... lol! haha. it was so fun... she nearly wanted to give us dentention.. aha. but there's no such thing in our school so we had to clean up the lab.. like check the tidiness and stuff.. for a while only. we gave her a note on filter paper too! to remind her of the 'three muskerteers' or whatever she named us. she was threatened to put it in her wallet... and that we would do spotchecks on her wallet to make sure it was there.. haha... fun fun fun ((:
was slightly late for chinese cos of that but didnt really matter. she let us do our own things. yup. then near the end of maths lesson, mrs yeo was teaching us a new formula and everyone was like 'uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' ahaha... yeah. so we decided to come up with a song to match the formula like the x=-b blah blah one.. yeah. so at first they tried the same song but it didnt work so they did the school song that mrs yeo suggested. it fitted quite well but it was so funny! cos some parts sounded weird and she did funny angry actions at us! haha. everyone was singing the stupid song and me and linna just kept on laughing till we cried! we sang it 3 times. everytime we started, after one line i would just laugh.. haha. it was so ridiculous.
went for cello lesson after that. played so crappy today. darn out of tune. so disgusted by my own playing... eeks! yeah and she sort of scolded me. i think. yeah. then it rained and didnt bring my unbrella so i stayed in school waiting for my dear-irritating-but-nice junior zixin (: haha. yeah. had nothing much to do. well i had but making cotton candy for ld was much funner. haha. was with jill and jill and trish and gen. haha. i make nice round fluffy cotton candies ... haha. yeah. at first they had like 1/3 pail left of sugar to finish so we just gave generous helpings to a whole lot of primary kids, and some sec people. yeah. was making like crazy and had bits of cotton candy stuck to my face and my arm. so sticky.haha.. those who wanted more lived to regret.. haha. cos gen just piled so so much for them. haha. so funny. when zixin came from cello, i went to the sink to wash up. ran there lah. then one second before i reached there i had deja vu that i was going to fall down. and i did. cos i was running too fast and the floor was slippery. so i fell and ended up with a sooper sore bum... was limping back.. haha. and sadist juniors like heather and zixin were laughing... evil! but its alr now. so i went to eat orange bowl with zixin.. yum yum yum and lots of chilli. bought some fishballs cos i was still hungry but i think i over bought.. haha.  was quite bloated after that. and during the time i went to the specs stand with zixin to stone they actually finished the whole pail! when i cam back i was like: its finished?! haha. they ended up buying somemore sugar from uncle mobeen. haha.  yeah. went home when daddy came. now im stuck with 7 more bars to compose.. i can do it!

at 6:53 PM, she let go.