Thursday, July 29, 2004
sore eyes

today was an ok day. geri and trish didnt come today cos they were sick... i was alone! but at least still got the people on the other side and in front like lulu, xinn, yanhan and linna ((: first thing in the morning was a mtg... and i got a role ((: im paikia no 3... hahas. you'll find out soon. anyway. had the aust maths comp. was so tired but still managed to do the paper. right after that was maths.. again! rahhs. couldnt find my ruler. the last time i misplaced it so i bought a new one. then it drowned in sarah's pencil box never to be found again. thus i had to buy a new one... 2 rulers in one week. pfft! chinese was. boring. i had to put eyedrops cos my eyes were becoming dry and pain. couldnt read properly cos i was tired! ohwells. recess me and hanny had to get invest u for some primary kids so i skipped duty. yeah. ate popiah with han. she ate a burger. yup. nice nice. went back for chem at the com lab.. mrs ang let us use the comps again (: haha. played save'em goldfish and ended up screaming and squealing with linna cos she was watching me and kan-chiong-ing me... haha. so fun. lit test was understandable. at least the poem was. didnt really know how to answer the qns. just crapped a whole lot. eng lesson i finished my book review and borrowed linna's ella enchanted book to read... but i still want to watch the movie. went to watch s.o. lunchtime concert. st paul's suite rocks! its soo nice! lunched with 3faith people. went home with val and anqing. yup. used the com, bathed, read ella enchanted, practiced piano for the whole afternoon. after dinner. read a bit more and went off to do my work. next week we have a hist test on mon and chengyu test on dunno what day... need to study hard! cpr course tmr and stepping down i think. then mtg at 7. probably end up with chicken rice dinner or smth. dunno lah.

at 9:40 PM, she let go.