Saturday, July 31, 2004
dunno what lah.

hellos. yesterday was fun ((: we had soccer for pe. think its the last session. but it was fun ((: chen mama didnt come so phee was in charge yup. think gen's team/jt's team is the best lah... haha. they are pro! lols. nearly scored quite a few times but kept missing. oh wells. had maths which was on planes... not airplanes u poks.. as in planes to the normal and trig stuff. yeah. finished reading ella enchanted! haha was reading in between lessons cos i didnt want to bring it home. its so nice ((: now i really want to watch it. after recess was maths again cos zhanglaoshi changed period. hist was a joke. mrs tan said that she'll finish teaching and let us off early but i see no difference.. haha. wasnt really paying attn (oops!) got test on monday so i'll study later. yup. oh yeah! my classmates are terrorisers. they terrorise their seniors. not all but some. cos we thot jing qin looked like linna or vice versa. yeah. so we had a sign at lulu's window. "please stop if your name HAPPENS to be l** j**** q**" yeah. then geri asked dora to wwalk pass at 12.30. the whole back row was laughing throughout maths. mrs yeo thot we were crazy. haha. yeah. then when they came down they didnt notice the msg till geri pointed out the them... haha. then we showed jing qin linna.. it was so funny ((: yeah. now there's another sign which says "3p loves to terrorise their seniors" with names of possible victims. and a small phrase at the bottom "please put your name down if u wished to be terrorised"... haha. so retarded. yup. and lulu chew brought a mooncake and lanterns for mooncake fest... haha. she's so cute.. hung the lanterns with a curve ruler outside her window. cca was quite ok. sec 4s didnt come. during break hanyou and matilda announced the results of elections. yup. so now joy is the new president and anqing vice pres. and im discipline sect. yup. oh yeah! yan han's the new ld president... haha. she'll be terrorised on monday. like captain hor. i was and still am supposed to play tessa's composition with claire and huei li. tried to play the first bar and i nearly cried! its so hard! then we were asking mr chan to see if he could play and he was like "whoa... this is so hard. needs lots of practice" yeah. so i conclude that i cant play it by wednesday. and to think i agreed when mr wong asked me to help him sight read some pieces on wednesday! oh no... screwed. im gonna pon mep! -runs away and hides! ahhh... God bless me.. haha. rushed off after cca. went down to s11 to pack dinner. yup. then brought it to church to eat. reached there at 7. thot more people would be there alr but there was only 4. haha. so i ate in the music room and talked to nat. yup. the meeting was ok. had some introduction games and briefing on what we had to do... yup. quite basic. ended surprisingly early. like 9? yeah.

today got a lift from uncle bugs on the way to school. dropped me at the bus stop. waited quite long for the bus but i was still the earliest there. then yan han came. then dom. then sut yee, claire and chooting, then deborah ong. so little! out of 18. we sort of rehearsed. yeah. but since now the meeting with ms low and mrs kuek is postponed we have more time to prepare. thank God. yup. ate lunch at macs with yanhan and dom. dom and bella wrote really funny scripts. haha. so stupid. yeah and dom was tarzan when we walked out of school.. haha. she's so weird. lols. went to tp central to look around for ****'* ******** *******. yup but couldn't find so went off to church for worship prac. it was good tho there was some problems with the guitar thingy. smart liz chay found out the problem. haha. but that cut a bit of our practice.overall worship was still good. think today's msg is really good and that all of us should learn to apply. tho it may be hard, it's still worth it. discussion was good too. bought oreos. the guys didnt really contribute but it was still good. haha. ok there's alot of goods in this para. out of point. ok nvm. yeah. just had curry fishhead for dinner. tho i only picked on the lady's fingers. haha. need to prac piano for hanyou and my exam... pfft!might get a new phone tmr... might. cos russell's phone's dead. then dad saw some roadshow thing going on tmr so we're going after church. yup.

at 7:05 PM, she let go.