Wednesday, July 21, 2004
im sorrry )):

guess i wasnt in a good mood last wednesday. i take back what i said about hating mr wong.. he's a great musician... but he's definitely very queer. got back my 3-note composition... got 7/10. comments he wrote: "... one can see that you definitely did not spend more than a few hours writing this..." like hello i was composing it right under your nose after coming in late from oral? then he wrote on fel ang's paper: "... wow! not only do you and deborah have the same manuscript paper, you guys have same ideas too! cool! " like ahahahs... cos fel refered to my paper and both of us borrowed paper from anqing. damn retarded lah.. hahas.he was telling us: " oh the passing mark is 3/10." then someone asked him:" wont it appear on our ppr as fail?" the farnie part was when he said: "no... according to my mathematical calculations, if you all work hard enough you'll do fine..." everyone started laughing after the phrase "mathematical calculations"... hahas. corny. got back my harmony test. got 57.5/75 quite alright lah but some wasted marks. yup. hmmm.. probably going out on sunday. yup. not sure if im going to church tho cos daddy's playing golf... dunno lah. see how. i like today... hahas. its a funny day... in class too.. oh yeah! for once ting xie on the day before test i actually know how to write the words! hahas. so proud of myself. started studying on sunday? or sat? anyhows, -grinns (: lols. but im still scared for tmr.. yup. looking forward to friday after hearing some not so good stuff..

at 7:36 PM, she let go.