Monday, July 26, 2004

hello. yesterday went to seoul garden for lunch... quite nice. and my bro has princess hands.. hahas. ok. im mean. we watched i, robot first. i didnt think it'll be that interesting but it was good ((: haha. quite funny. then we went for a snack and watched mean girls. its nice too ((: funny. but i still want to watch ella enchanted! haha. soon!
today's assembly we did cheer prac for nationals. the atmosphere was quite dead to begin with. like only the sec fours cheering. haha. then towards the end it was better. yup. english we slacked in the library. maths. mrs yeo has finally returned from her one-week long hiatus. it was boring. haha. did recess duty then went to eat with sarah. yup. we talked. haha. wanted to go buy the sec 4 ss textbook cos we thot ms low would use today but they were out of stock. then when i went back to class, xinn borrowed extra! thanks ((: ended up not using the sec four textbook but the sec 3 which i forgot to bring again! yeah so i just left the sec 4 book on my table and flip randomly.. haha. had to cover up so many times cos ms low kept on walking down the aisle...scary. but at least i was listening.. haha. oh yeah. got back chinese paper. got 64/100... quite good. like real. got pulled down by summary and zao ju. the rest was quite ok. shall improve! physics low iq said she marked something wrong. and because of that. i have now failed the paper... grr... went for ipw presentations after that. was rather boring. then went home with lala, minjun, liting and xinyi. yup.
wrote john 3:16 on the board today for a start, together with any prayer requests from anyone. but no one told me till i asked them. yeah.. well it's a start. some only told me after i asked them personally so maybe they didnt see the msg.... that's about it

The winds of God are always blowing, but you must set the sails. --Unknown

at 3:07 PM, she let go.