Wednesday, July 28, 2004
double champs!

double champs!!
ahaha! we actually got double champs! c div was really tough with sports school. st nix track and field you guys did well! ((: got drenched by the rain... pfft. smelt so weird after that. eating dinner like now? how late is that? haha. gonna sleep late cos of my hair. i pratically stretched my vocal chords. haha. everyone's gonna come with sore throats tmr. xiongxiong is addicted to my thumb.. haha. so cute! ilovexiongxiong ((: mrs ang tricked us again today. never tell us that we were doing practical again. but she let us use the test tubes.. haha. yeah. saw clara and lynette. dunno what else to blog. ok. haha. i'm gonna learn how to give the breath of life on friday... eeee. i dont want to go!

at 9:24 PM, she let go.