Tuesday, July 20, 2004

pfft! idontlikethiscertainmepteacher who said we have to compose a 12 bar string quartet using 12 tones retrograd inversion... and i didnt know! thank God its not due tmr... cos my ws is in school and i dont have manuscript. i need to go buy!
and its 2 days into my detox fruit/veg diet... its quite ok so far. but i get hungry easily.. hehs. and tmr's fried food day! and i've gotta stay back for mep. dunno how to survive. lols. tried to change my gbk layout but failed badly... not made out for such things.. haha. went for 2 rounds with yanhan before assembly. quite alright. found out that i can actually run in my loose new school shoes. ahahs. got chinese test on thurs. studied like halfway? but dont think i can remember much. gonna watch daddy's girls later.. and teach my brother maths. and its graphs! that's really encouraging. oh yeah! mrs yeo didnt come yesterday.then she happily swopped periods with zhanglaoshi so we were supposed to have 4 periods of maths today. but she didnt come again today. there was this relief teacher with a voice too bimbo-ish for her age... gross. did classwork and got assigned hw. yeah so we're still left with one day of 4 periods of maths... eeks!
sec fours are stepping down soon. i dunno what to get. and im worried about the orch... uh-huh

at 6:48 PM, she let go.