Sunday, July 04, 2004

had cca on friday. it was quite ok but think mr chan was like stressed byt the vln 3. hehs. hope that gets settled soon. o level listening was alright. didnt know that they broadcast it over the radio. ahas. so funny. it was rather confusing. like they would ask you the qn and the options are basically everything they said so u dunno which on to pick. irritating. and we were made to reach sch at 7.30 when the thing started at nine. pfft. oh wells. went to j8 after that with sarah so she could have lunch. went to the converse shop to see if they had my colourful sneakers but they didnt! so sad. maybe they're not selling it anymore. went home with anqing. took a 20 min nap before going to yf. yeah. this week it was held in the sanctuary. think they'll keep on having it in there unless there're events. yup. dave interviewed our first missionary, andrew ng. it was rather interesting but got boring towards the end cos it was getting draggy and all. yeah. ooh! wore the spongebob shorts with cheryl too! haha. yeah. stayed back for worship training. had chicken rice for dinner. with 2 packets of chilli (: nice nice. and the drink machine ate up my money! bleahs. anyway. the training was quite alright. yeah. basically ways for us to improve. yup. good.

went for first service today. it was quite alr. got letter from kelvin. he's stupid lah... so silly. the postcard had this couple kissing on it and he went to censor it! every single letter he wrote got censored. haha. retarded. then the deco inside says kelvin rocks! like whatever. haha. went to ikea for lunchie! had the swedish meatballs (: yummy. havent eaten there for ages. bought a storage box for my sch stuff to leave in sch. yeah. and those small boxes for my barang barang. got the kiddy cutlery. haha. and saw my beloved big retarded ant again! its so cute (: ahaha. was so tired after that. came back and plonked on my bed. slept for 3 hours plus. but still tired. as usual. haha. had tomyam soup for dinner (: nice nice nice. oh yeah. gained like 1 kg over the hols. gonna try and push my weight down. shall watch what i eat. still havnt started on my essay. probably tonight. yup

at 6:49 PM, she let go.