Tuesday, June 22, 2004
day off

haha.. ok not really a day off. just slacking around. must do hw later! must do hw later!

woke up at 10 today.. was so tired can? anyway. little cousin came over again.. went out with sarah to go shopping. yups. we went to wisma and taka walking around looking for white long sleeved tops and a long black skirt for her. all for our performance. so mah fan cos so many shops didnt sell! then when we went to plaza sing we went to some shop on the second level. dunno what's the name. finally found a nice one (: cost 30.10 after discount.. but collect another day. probably tmr. yeah. then went to trumpet praise. bought a new small compact bible. easier to bring around rather than my big one. and bought reflector cd... and a cute sheep from another shop.. yays! its so cute (: i was nice and bought famous amos for me my bro my maid and my cousin. yup. oh yeah. stupid sarah brought me into some shop. isetan i think. yeah. then she used the tester nail polishes to paint my nails an odd combination of colours. i looked like some freak lah! how gross xP yeah. that's about it... cant wait for yf! but hate for school to start. this holiday has been so short! for once... haha. how interesting. dont think im going for the chong pang cc wushu course anymore. its so odd. and different. shall take up another sport.

at 5:08 PM, she let go.