Monday, June 21, 2004
church camp (:

alright man! church camp was a blast! it was just wonderful (: had so much fun there.

first day
went with uncle chong beng and auntie margaret to segamat. with sarah too. cos her dad got some problems with his back, start of a slipped disc so he couldnt drive. yup. so we went to uncle david's brother's house for durians which i didnt eat. yeah. then walked to a nearby shop for lunch. after going back to the house, me sarah and liz were lying on a couch. then sarah hugged my leg and put one of her legs on my other leg and she leaned on liz. and we went to sleep! hahas. it was funny, until we realised that they took photos of us...pfft! but haha anyway. lol. didnt go to the plantation as they had planned so headed straight to puteri resort in malacca. checked in with sarah and went for the tm briefing. mainly introduction. had another briefing for everyone where we played ice breakers in our groups. then it was free time till dinner so we went to take a bath. dinner was ok lah. just that they had loads of flies everywhere and didnt really attempt to prevent the flies from getting to the food so yeah. after that we had our very first sermon. its on acts. yup. it was good. and then we had discussion. yeah. ended the night quite early but then since its the first night everyone was wide awake so we went to chrystal's room and slept over. ahah. yeah. we were all snacking cos soony brought snacks.. and i got asthma after that... was the first one to go to bed.. lol.

second day
we woke up, then me and sarah went back to our room to get our stuff and wash up. went down for breakfast. then sermon and discussion. in the afternoon 'explore malacca' was planned for those who wanted to go shopping. yup. some of us stayed in the resort. yup. cheryl, liz, maria and sarah planned to do an item so they used the whole afternoon to practice in my room. then me and chrystal were sleeping on the beds. then cos they pushed the beds to one side dust flew everywhere and made my alr present asthma worse. bleahs. anyway. dinner was good, with performances... it was really funny! lols. yup. then after that just hung around... soony came over with junk again. yup. this time it was cup noodles. hehs. yeah.

third day
today was the day of the carnival of colours. so after sermon the whole church was preparing for it. i was leading small group discussion with sarah chia. when the kids came we played lots of games and had loads of fun... yup. my feet were sore cos i decided to go bare footed and ended up running on the car park and tennis court which were so hot! rahhs. yeah. one person in my group became a new christian! praise God (: yeah. after that all the youths jumped into the pool and played water polo.. it was so fun! my asthma was much better after all that activity (: after dinner we had a workshop and an elective. it was really good. yup. they had fruit feast after that but i didnt eat. cos it was durians, mangosteens and rambutan which i dont eat. and from shouting during water polo i got a sore throat so couldnt eat mango. slept late again... was waiting for sarah, maria, liz and cheryl who were practising in the nursery...

fourth day
had problems waking sarah up. cos the moment i shook her, she would go 'uhh' and go back to sleep. had to wake her up like 5 times? hahas. went for sermon.. or what was supposed to be a sermon. trevor spoke about something else and not what he had prepared cos God told him to... God's timing is great. He works in wonderous ways... trevor had shared something quite personal to him and he prophesied for some people... the spirit just came and filled almost everyone! everyone was crying and weeping and praying.. the presence of God was so strong... then trevor asked for those who wanted the gift of tongues. i went up with sarah. and God really answers prayers cos we got what we had asked for tho now i really dunno how to do it.. hehes. God will do something. it was just a wonderful time. poured my heart out to God. was so tired after that and had a sore tummy from crying too much.. went for lunch. had another workshop and elective but only went for workshop and prayed for the missionaries. yup. then most of us went to play water polo again... was told to get out of the pool for bartlympics.. it was quite fun.yup. later we wanted to continue playing but it was too full of kiddies so we just did like 'stunts'... climbed onto each other's back and stood up. hahas. it was so fun! carried ashley (alicia's sister) around on my shoulders walking around in the pool. she kept on asking me to go to ian and chris teo so she could hit them on the head... lols. so cute (: after that was balik kampong night... was at a table with dan loke and lum, nicholas and joshua. it was really funny sitting there.. hahas. saw cassandra when we didnt see her earlier on at camp. then she told us her family came here for a holiday and didnt know church camp was here and now! so weird.... yeah. after we ate my whole table went to the front to sit.. cos we were too far back couldnt see much. ian took my tag and liz's tag and kept it for his 'halters'... like whatever lah.. hahas. we were looking out for cute kids when the children did a performance for us. there was this little chubby boy nathanael who was wearing traditional malay costume and a songkok.. he's so cute! especially when he starts dancing.. hahas... so cute! sarah, liz and maria did a great performance... mostly wowed by the gym part... yup. after that all the youths stayed back in one corner of the main hall and were singing away... some parents were sitting around. did the mass dance again! hahas. this time i got the chance to be a girl. cos last year i was a guy. yeah. partnered josia. it was fun. then after that we did the support thing.. it was so cool. everyone forms one circle and lie on each other's legs. girls with girls and guys with guys. it was cool! hahas. then john and ian just took hold of the microphones and just talked rubbish.. it was so fun! oh yeah. most of the girls in yf can do baby freeze... haha. me and sarah were busy packing our stuff cos we were to leave the next morning

fifth day/ today
had problems waking sarah up again. but we managed all right. went back with unle robert and auntie lynn... there were 3 kids were playing in the car... thomas is so cute.. haha. fell asleep. reached s'pore quite early surprisingly. went to sarah's house for lunch and headed straight to practice.. was so tired during practice couldnt play properly. even now my arms still hurt... or tired.. yup.

really thankful that God blessed the camp so much! it was just wonderful (: God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

at 6:41 PM, she let go.