Sunday, June 27, 2004
im the biggest slacker in the world!

ok haha.. only for this week. i guess. yeah. just dont want to focus on anything else... sometimes i feel like im wasting my time and all. yeah. anyway... yeah woke up at 6.15 this morning. went to the tp market near pcps for breakfast with dad. he was going golf. felt so weird going there eraly in the morning in heels and formal top... eeks! haha. breakfast was nice. had noodles. reached church at 7.10 around there. yeah. erms... did sound check and warm ups... couldnt really sing at first cos my nose was wet. so its like everything's stuck at the back of your throat and u cant project your voice.. horrible. yeah. my voice was totally out.. josia came late. he had some stomach problems. think it was quite bad cos he was in the toilet for so long and went back in the middle of second service worship. yeah. had glutinous rice with nice chilli for breakfast/brunch/snack/whatchamacallit. then we thought that we might have to sing a closing song but we didnt. oh yeah! thank God they didnt show the yucky pictures that was shown at yf yesterday... so embarassing! anyway. went out for lunch (after changing cos my shoes were biting me!)at ps with liz lee, rah, grace loke, christina teo, nicole, alicia, dan loke, alvin, kelvin, ivan goh, justin, ian, alden, yimin, nathanael, nicholas, edwin and anyone else i cant remember. yeah, quite a big group but we split up. met christina lim halfway. haha. and saw sarah chia, john, adele, shufen, eliz chay, and someone i think. yeah. ate at bk... was an interesting lunch conversation we had. haha. yeah. then walked around the shops downstairs. sarah bought like a new skirt and earrings. liz lee bought earrings too. saw this really nice dangly star ones at dorothy perkins but it was a tad too long. yeah. but it was soo nice! hahas. sorry. yeah. then we went to watch them lanning at peace centre. really funny... like oops i haven't played those games before. anyway. intended to go to the toilet with grace loke but got put off by a cockroach running about the floor. haha. went back after that. today's weather's so hot! yeah. ok. have nothing much to update on already... yup.

reminder to all students! school starts tomorrow and we havent finished our hw!

at 5:55 PM, she let go.