Thursday, July 01, 2004
*dizzy fizzy wizzy

yes... school has started once again. thank God for His blessings (:

ok. recap

change in timetable. mrs yeo's our new maths teacher, mrs tan's our pe teacher, ms low's our ss teacher, and mrs low's still our physics teacher...pfft! i want imran to teach us... anyway. it was such a slack day can? we werent made to do the fam dance... luckily. yeah. we didnt do much today. the teachers didnt even talk about independant assessment, except for mrs yeo. she was the only one who gave hw and made us hand in our assessments. and physics... was spent going through the experiment that we were supposed to hand in onthe last day of school... when i was somewhere else eating prata.. hehs. yeah. but i dont think i've got the graph and stuff. yeah.

morning jog.. 2 rounds (: haha. mrs y didnt come for lit so free periods. did redox for chem. after recess was 3 straight periods of hcl! i almost died. thank God zhang lao shi just made some people talk about their hols and went through the ws with us. last 1/2 an hour was free (: did maths after that. was quite burnt after that. hahas. prayed with sarah after school. then went for cello. 45 minutes cos the teacher was so free. lol. yeah. my fingers nearly died. and she says my vibrato's gone haywire so i have to do those exercises again. bleahs. ate orange bowl for lunch! the yummy taste of the wonderful chilli ((: so nice! hahas. studied chem with marilyn and cyn in class. after dinner did a good qt (: hees. yeah. then studied chem till bout 11? yeah.

like maths and sciences before recess? really tiring. chem test was quite easy.. expected harder qns but anyway. its good that it was easy. haha. mrs low scolded us cos we were supposed to go to the com lab but we didnt. yeah. we werent sure and everyone was still asking each other chem answers. haha. she intended for us to do some online experiment but the sch coms didnt have shockwave so she just did lessons. we were doing moments. then she posed a qn. i got it correct but she said my method was wrong... so i worked it out her way (: haha. went for recess with sarah. ate laksa (: whee! yummy food. did some presentation for eng. slack lah. hcl lao shi gave us ting xie which i basically copied and highlighted in my paper cos i havent started studying yet. hehs. anyway it was for us to keep so yeah. had mep after that. got back prac, harmony and listening. my prac was so lousy! like 30/50? pathetic. shows that my abrsm is screwed! ahh! harmony i got 11.5/15 and listening 20.5/25. oh yeah. the new teacher mr wong... he's got a very funny accent. and he looks abit gay... lol. yeah. the last part of the lesson was fun... oh yeah. thank God there's no rehearsal on monday! haha. planning to go out with trix and nxy then (: how fun! yeah. stayed up till 11.20 studying chinese. gave up at last half of xia cos i was so tired! lousy staying-awake-to-study stamina. haha. yeah

eng we did the same thing again. boring. maths just cleared our brains of what we had studied. hcl was... i wouldnt say hard. i knew the most of the answers but dunno how to write some. yeah. then the zao ju part was practically blank! cos i didnt know the meaning of the words... as usual. still waiting for the shou ce from ian chew. anyway. glad its over (: got back chem paper... 30/40 (: hehs. but wasted 4 marks on careless mistakes... rahh! oh well. got chocs (: haha. mrs ang's so nice! mrs y didnt come again. had free time from 12 - 2. last 2 periods supposed to be hcl again cos of the swop for tmr but lao shi got some thing else on. yeah. did maths hw and the first part of ying yong wen. yeah. finished it alr. cher came over again today. she said she got an mc and came here to use the com.. she was sniffing and coughing. hope i dont get the germs... oh yeah! thank God also cos the argumentative essay deadline is postponed to tues so i have more time to do it. if not i'd be rushing it now. haha. also have zuo wen to do but i shall hand that in on tues. yup.

have o level listening on sat. depending on what time we end, might go out with rahh before heading to yf. havent asked her yet but yeah. ooh! tmr's BU day too (: shant disclose what we are wearing till tmr's over. haha. yeah. but quite gross in the sense that we have pe before that so. yeah. but we get to wear sport shoes to sch (: ms lim allowed our class. haha. sad thing's we have cca still... but its fun (: yeah. that's basically it....


happy birthday bazhang! tho it'll be ages before u see this but nvm, its the thought that counts (:

at 7:43 PM, she let go.