Thursday, June 24, 2004

met siu and ber at raffles place mrt this morning to go to vch for practice... yeah. had a dry run too. it was ok but we went overtime by 1/2 an hour. yeah. went for lunch with ber siu dawn and chloe at ps ljs... took retarded neos from a retarded machine too. we saw the piece of paper stuck outside which said 'blue coloured clothes affect prints'... when we were wearing sch u somemore. how nice. hahas. yeah. then went back. did amaths paper.. still havent finished. after that went for worship practice. it was fun. saw a sneak preview of the slide show... my yucky photos are up there! so embarassing xP gonna run and hide my face on sat and sun! hahas. yeah

today! (25/6)
went for s.o. prac in the morning. havent touched dvorak for a month and i have forgotten how to play everything! haha. yeah. quite ok lah. then halfway through my left hand fourth finger got some problem with it.. it hurt when i played yeah. but now its alright.. haha. nearly fell asleep at the bus stop waiting for 86... so darn tired lah.. going out again later to make my i/c... im quite excited for the mep concert... hahas. but its gonna be busy... exp with 5 consecutive days of cello playing. my piano teacher's gonna be jealous. cos my abrsm exam is coming and that is definitely more impt than the concert but i never practice.. haha

i need sleep!

at 7:17 PM, she let go.