Monday, June 14, 2004
darn audition + screw u

yesterday's "class bbq" was a blast.. best man. only 7 people turned up... what a lousy number. the rest who said that they could come couldn't make it last minute. so me, qianya, yingqing, jiantong, minjun, lulu chew and twinloo just sat there at east coast eating chips, walking along the beach and drinking stuff. then rented bikes and went to macs for dinner. surprised that i didnt get chao ta. haha.. anyways.

had the stupid audition today. screwed it up man. all the others were so pro lah. and to think im desk 3. how embarassing! yeah supposed to go sentosa but cos of the audition couldnt go cos the timing's so odd. but ahma and auntie calyn came over so yeah. cant leave the house halfway can i? tomorrow's the first practice. supposed to go for a outreach meeting after that but forgot that im going to watch yoyoma.. so cool (: hahas. so tired man... bleahs. carrying a cello all the way to moe hq without getting to sit down and then coming back after like half an hour there really drains your energy.

ohyeah. getting a lift from sarah's parents on thurs. it'll be much faster. but i still dunno how my cello's gonna squeeze, esp with all our luggage in the boot. we have to discuss! lols.

at 4:21 PM, she let go.