Wednesday, June 16, 2004
mep concert rehearsals

*waves wildly!

ok im high.. haha. i dunno. anyway the past 2 days have been quite fine... the pieces are really nice! i like all of them.. i think. haha. but the pomp and circumstance is darn hard lah... the conductor is really farnie.. haha. v.cute. doesnt scold one lorh. very nice (: haha. oh yeah im in like 3rd desk out of 4 so i guess its ok lah. outside stand partner is cherilyn (*gosh i dunno how to spell her name!) haha. im lousy. my section leader is the wen bin guy who went after me during auditions... he's freaky.. yup. then.... my arms are very tired. both from lugging my dear cello around for 3 days straight and for playing so much... ouch. and my butt too. stupid acs(i) chairs are so hard and since we sit half chair we get buttaches after that. how nice. and we have to provide our own stands for rehearsals... what rubbish.

went to watch yoyoma last night after rehearsal.. he's good (: haha. and his funny friends too... yup. and my arms were too tired to clap so long. bleahs. going to rah's aunt's house for dinner then to her house to stay over till camp (: gonna have lagsane! whee! lols... think we're gonna be very drained by monday. and to think we still got prac then... rahh! okies... im off for last minute packing in case i miss out anything... bye! im coming back on monday.. dont miss me ;) hahas. love you all!

at 7:00 PM, she let go.