Saturday, June 26, 2004

ok.. haha. i dunno what's with the title. maybe cos i can smell lunch? its like 5 metres away! haha. anw. im left with

ss paper
hist paper
hcl paper
lit paper
hcl journal
hcl wksht
argumentative essay
mep project
uhh... anything else i've missed out

haha. im seriously screwed. definitely wont finish by whenever. the essay's the worst! i havent even got a topic.. ms fazi's gonna scream her head off. slept till 9+ today. had laksa for breakfast (bad cos im singing tmr but too late) yeah. slacked around. until now. haha. hw's all in front of me but im not toucing it... guess i have to.. soon. (: yup. ok.

at 12:11 PM, she let go.