Friday, July 09, 2004
term 3 week 2

time passes so fast.... ok. haha.

monday when i went for piano lessons i got kinda stressed and nearly cried... seems like everytime i go for piano i end up nearly crying.. ok that's not the point. the point is that ms chew drilled me like crazy. my arm was like droppy after that. so tired can? then tuesday had cello no strength to play. rahhs. wednesday and thursday we had practice at ccab. it was quite alright.

and today! concert night! eee... my eye hurts... anyway... supposed to be dismissed at 1 but i came out with maryanne and sarah at 12.30 cos we didnt want to have horrible lessons. yeah. didnt have lunch. just a drink. cos recess ended like an hour ago? haha. yeah. sat around the canteen. then we went to change. was quite hot for a while cos its long everything. yeah. haha. others came after that. waited for them before we all went to forum to wait for the bus. yeah. after we reached there had another briefing before they started the program run through. didnt do much till the end cos that's where im supposed to play. haha. nearly fell asleep cos i got quite sleepy. hehs. shared a packet with char for dinner cos we didnt really feel like eating. yeah. its was quite funny. haha. tender chicken... IT'S MINE!...ok nvm. haha. yeah. when the concert started had nothing much to do. so i went with siu to the other backstage area where im not supposed to go to but no one really cared. everyone was just walking. yeah. sat upstairs with the tjc people. haha. they're really comical. got scolding tho cos we were making too much noise. but it was fun. haha. really nice bunch. and their teacher's really friendly... how nice. maybe i'll go to tj next time. but see whether i'd still be interested in mep then. haha. yeah. talked to siu abit. it was good. then when we went to play mozart. i was playing halfway then i like lost track and didnt know where i was. haha. pretending to play while trying to find the notes. lol. quite funny. luckily i wasn't sitting outside if not it would have been even more embarassing. then after that it was all the 3 pieces. mr lim was like talking to the audience and asked shawn to give a demo.. haha. it was funny. yeah. didnt really play that well for some parts but it was okay-ish. yeah.

to cellists: you guys did a great job (: loveya loadsies tho u'll probably never see this... haha

to everyone who performed: yay! it was a great concert that we put up for the ikan bilis (: haha

yeah. got flowers from jana, weiling, xinhui, esther, peizhen and cinli (: thanks people! went home with jie.. took cab. yeah. cooked noodles after a quick shower. now im super drained. glad i've got nothing on tmr morning. cant really blog much cos im quite lazy to... hehs. well, nite (:

at 11:37 PM, she let go.