Saturday, June 12, 2004
sports extreme with a difference (:

my legs hurt... show my unfit-ness over the past 2 weeks. lol

okies. yf today was sports extreme and think everyone had fun. played captain's ball today. yeah. had liz lee, yewya, chrystal, cheryl tan, wanglin and kelvin in my team... and we won! yay! haha thanks to really tall people, or quite tall people with good talents. haha. yeah. there was this 'second game' which me and chrystal did together. it was rather fun but the last task we ended up running from the field to yf room and back to the field in like 4-5 mins? crazy. ok so that hurt my legs. yeah. but it was worth it.

went out for dinner at crystal jade (tp). intended to change out of my horrible smelly clothes but since i rushed out after yf didnt get the chance so just went crystal jade in tee shirt and shorts which is kinda weird. haha. yeah. then went to the pasar malam to look see. bought a new hp cover. then sch shoes from bata. and popular cos jie needed to buy a whole lot of stuff. found a cute pouch to stuff my test tubes into. lols. class bbq tmr... so fun (: im gonna grow fat.

ahh! audition is 2 days away! only have tmr and mon morning to chiong! hope i get throught alright. and i have to get to the moe hq which is at redhill?! crazy people. pfft! and gotta lug my dear cello too.. next week's gonna be extremely busy. and still have so much hw to do... darn.

oh yeah! God is really good (: went down to the golden mile tower on friday with kelvin to go book bus tix for me him and sarah for thursday night. yeah. then one of the bus companies said that most of them only have morning buses to malacca. thank God the second company we asked had night buses, exec type.. yay! hahas. mad rush on that day. right after practice me and sarah have like 1 and a 1/2 hours to 'get ready'... its all worth it for the camp everyone's waiting for (: think its gonna be great!

at 10:15 PM, she let go.