Tuesday, June 08, 2004

okay everyone! hello (:

the mp thing turned out to be extremely boring... they just wasted a whole lot of time. bleahs. yeah. went to watch harry potter on sunday. it was really nice but i think the previous 2 movies were better. wonder how the next one will be...

went for chem practical yesterday. it was fun getting to mix stuff and see swirling colours! hahas. everyone was like 'ooh!!!' throughout the whole practical.. had to bring my dear test-tubes to town. cos i went to meet trix after that. waited for her for like one hour at somerset cos she had some competition on.. yeah. i know im nice.. waiting for one hour. haha. but its my best friend, whaddya expect? okies enough crapping. saw j.kwok on the way out. went to cine intending to eat at pasta mania but it was darn crowded and think someone just threw up there so it was kinda stinky. so we went to heeren, crepes and creme (: had chicken baked rice and ice cream... yummy! jie gave me money to get my havaianas for my b'day so i bought a pair at a shop there. its nice (: walked all the way to far east to go take neos and get another pair of earholes. yes, i got another pair of earholes (: haha. yeah. we took really nice neos but not enough time to deco all. so one was plain and one had the word rock on it. haha. yeah then we both went back cos we had stuff on. trix intended for bazhang to come too but being a bazhang maybe its hard for her to get to her phone and realised that trix sent her an invitation 3 days ago!!! silly woman. she probably hasnt realised it yet.. oh wells. can always go out again. yeah. on my way home got an sms from moose saying that i got an audition for the mep concert on the 14th.. im screwed cos the pieces look really hard... till i looked at them again this morning and found out that they're actually not that bad.. hehs. but an audition! i dun wanna go. what's more it clashes with my plans for that day... pfft! God will settle it all. yay! He's great!

this morning/afternoon. got an sms from hanny saying there's a meeting for the proper attire campaign people or smth liddat at 1 at macs. got the sms around 12. and left house at 12.15... thank God i reached there on time. yup. missed the bus cos i was playing with my phone and the thing just zoomed past. bleahs. yeah so went for cello lesson after that. it was good. but i've been set a whole new chunk of stuff to practice. new scales, arpeggios and chromatics. then she cleverly gave a new etude and 2 new pieces! -faints!- one of the pieces is like ravel? 20th century? darn cheem man. even after she went through the whole thing with me im still really blur.

crazy people. compose such hard stuff... pfft!

at 5:52 PM, she let go.