Saturday, June 05, 2004
stoned face -___-

hellowello... havent updated in like a little more than a week. went to my granny's house in m'sia on saturday. had prata again at mersing! whee! hahas. it was really nice (: and then we just kept driving and driving...cant rmb where we had lunch. hehs... yeah. reached granny's house at like 4 plus. which is quite a good timing. yup. her new house is so nice lah... near the beach so its really windy all day long... even if they install aircon in the rooms its quite unnecessary. yeah. went down to the book store to get some mags to read and some stationery. then back to the old house to move somemore impt stuff.. like the tv and vcd player! hahas... watched quite a few movies there like 50 first dates, shrek 2 (again), troy, my girl.. yeah. did 2 papers over the 3 days. yay! oh yeah! its really noisy at night cos the roadside stalls downstairs open till real late so u can hear them frying stuff and all that. and traffic too. on the last night there was muslim prayer in the wee hours of the morning... only a little not irritating lah... over the pa system somemore. darn loud lah. pffft! came back on wednesday. skipped breakfast and went straight to segamat for lunch and the one and only good world restaurant! yum yum yum (: hahas. reached home around 5 plus. yup. was so tired cos throughout the whole journey i only slept once then the rest of the way i was staring out the window just stoning... my eyes turned red.. lol. yeah. had to sleep early cos thursday was the mep camp at acs(i). we learned the salsa on the first day. it was quite fun. second day was quite bleah tho... everyone was so tired.. yeah and since they gave us so much time to practice for the mini competition it got really boring. yeah. there was this teacher which sort of pissed me off. she kept asking me to do the steps over and over in front of her cos there was an odd number in my group so 3 people danced in front and i was one of the 3. and the other 2 were pro ballet people. yeah so obviously i cant be compared to them. and i knew that i couldnt do the steps that well but she was so pressurising... rahhh! yeah. was so tired when i came back that i slept at 9. got the mp thing later. dont feel like going.

at 7:09 AM, she let go.