Sunday, May 23, 2004
eating nice cold tau huay

mmmm..... yummy yummy shiok shiok.. hahas.. this reminds me... "monday tau huay people"! are we tau huaying tmr? hahas. that sounds really retarded but heck. the past week's been kinda like okok. chem was darn hard but thank God i managed to pass it. mep i'll only get next term i think. got back my oral and listening results too. i actually passed oral! whee! wang jian was really lenient.. which is good.. hehs... oh no! mep practical is in 3 days time... drats. this week's gonna be stressful? got that debate thing, lit article and the religion project. eee... had chicken rice for lunch today. quite nice.. esp since there was achar! yay! watched huanzhugege too. its nice (:

di's birthday's on friday. dunno what in the world to get for her. i need to go shopping for presents. oh yeah yesterday i went for the dvorak's cello concerto. it was good! but think steven isserlis is better than wang jian (the cellist not the teacher!) yeah... sat in the 3rd row from the front. at the right side. right under the noses of my cello teacher and s.o. conductor... eeks. cant wait for church camp (: and the mep camp and the mep concert rehearsals... sounds fun but my entire holiday is packed to the brim... boo :( been a little grouchy of late. also dunno why. lack of sleep? maybe. having like red eyes on some nights too... pfft`

at 5:16 PM, she let go.