Wednesday, May 26, 2004
sakae (:

lalalas... went to sakae after school today with lin na, stelli, alicia, jieying, sam and fel... we had so much fun.. haha. and i think we were the noisiest bunch there...*oops* hehs.. looking forward to the prata outing on fri.. and sarah! im truly sorry! we'll go out during the hols ok? we went to take neos too... yeah. had a really great time. was so full that i couldnt eat dinner. but no surprise since we ate so much... all the way until 5.45pm... hahas. mep practical was ok lah tho i did screw up... ahas... contradicting. got the mep concert scores. stand partner is my dearest section leader charlotte! and some parts seem really difficult. bleahs. still trying to do something about di's bday present. darn broke so im making her something....yup. busy busy busy...can wait to go to apo's new house (:

at 9:24 PM, she let go.