Friday, March 04, 2005
itchy throat, itchy mozzie bites

im getting a sore throat. i think, cos of all the heaty food and the weird weather. oh wells. tmr gotta go to school for picnic day to dance family dance, mambo and irish dance for the parents. was so embarassing during recess today. we were practising on the track and everyone was looking la! every week's so busy. and there's so many tests! its only term one. and to imagine term 3 with like 6-7 tests a week?! shocking... scary thought. times passes so fast, it'll be the o's soon! oh no oh no... no life man. cca was quite fun i guess but can see that the sec 2s have to really work hard to get into syf. jia you!

at 9:49 PM, she let go.