Saturday, February 26, 2005
Lord i offer my life to you, everything i've been through, use it for Your glory

yet another tiring and busy week but at least investiture is over so one thing down (: but 3 tests next week and mep compo due. im screwed la. cca on friday was quite good, even tho i never touched my cello for 2 weeks i think i played better. which is the weird thing. when i dont practice my cello, my playing somehow becomes better.. haha. been having rashes over the past few days cos of the humid weather. so itchy and all. which reminds my i need to cut my nails.

one of my juniors, natalie, bought a cello from china for S$800. that's like a reasonable price but its good! the cello is super loud. quite a round tone but the a string sounds very like :/ but anyway i think its quite good on the whole. nice nice. and jana was making fruit juicer sounds with the c string. was super retarded la. haha. theory exam in 2 weeks and i just realised that i dont have 2003 paper. and i thot i did so now i sorta have no theory hw. i'm not really stressing over it. maybe on that day when i'll start looking through the italian terms. haha. like in sec one i think? yeah. and i need to go submit the registration form for abrsm cello prac by friday. maybe i should mail it.

at 7:29 PM, she let go.