Sunday, February 20, 2005
hyper sensitive eyes

hello hello. its been quite a draining week. yupyup. think im gonna fail chinese test cos it was so hard. the 2 maths tests were relatively easy so shouldnt be a problem. oh yeah, pmb invest is gonna rock i tell u. retarded things we come up with in times of stress. haha. went down to church for worship. message was on the tsunami which i think was quite good. left early to go home and prepare for the concert, cibelle. was a unique artist but not really to my liking. prefered it when she sung like the more jazzy stuff than the rock stuff. she's quite funny too. kept taking photos randomly of her band and of us. haha. 2 encores. was like drifting of to sleep but trying hard not to. slept in the car and got home, changed, washed up and plonked back to sleep. heh.

went for first this morning. think the message really applied to us. and me too esp now. it was about how to treat people right which made me think about the incident with veronica on thursday. went to tp for lunch where i had nice prawn noodles ((: and then bought some flowers for joy. went back, wrapped them, did the card and went to the optician. today was the first most intensive checkup ever. for almost 20 mintues la. then my degree dropped to 25L and 125R with astig. so weird and the guys was saying i got some folicle in my eye so i have hyper sensitive eyes or dunno what. OH YAH. he was so mean lorh. he was measuring my eyes and he said, " are your eyes always that small?" i was so hurt... :( oh well. got a frameless pair. went for joy's party. was fun (: laughing like crazy watching tv too. ahaha. well, gtg now. tata

at 9:16 PM, she let go.