Thursday, March 17, 2005
oh how my heart aches!

my poor dear cello broke today. due to my carelessness. i leant it against a table in the mep room, intending to quickly grab my stuff and take it again. i placed it there and waited to make sure that it didnt fall. after i took my things, i heard a crashing sound and my cca-mates screaming and i turned around to see it lying on the floor. it fell onto the wooden platform of the mep room and the neck broke off. so the strings were loosened and the bridge dropped and the tailpiece hit the cello body. i was just shocked la. but quickly recovered to go check the poor thing. removed all the strings and taped the neck down so i could put it into the case.

daddy fetched me from school and we went to gramercy to get it fixed. they're gonna put a nail in to rejoin the fingerboard part and glue it back. will only see it like next weekend. i will miss it so... haha. but its true! i will. and for now im practicing on tessa's sch cello. need to find another one for cca days tho. costs 150 bucks to repair. plus a new set of jargar strings which cost like 95 bucks? what a bomb! but the repair's cheaper than i thot it would be. got val's helicore strings too.

now im paranoid of holding it by the neck when it comes back. oob. forgot to take my rosin back with me. haha. managed to finish eng compres and probably the summaries by tonight. then maybe i'll do some chinese? or ss. excited for synergiz. wanted to go for today's too but yeah.

heard the co and band perform today. co heard us play too. yeah. think they were quite good but still can improve. like us. wonder how big this year's so orch will be. comeonsectwocellists! (and bassists and violists and violinists) work hard to get into the syf orch okay? we'll be there for you ((:

at 7:55 PM, she let go.